July 17, 2014

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August 13, 2013

Road Trip Survival Guide

Summer isn't even "officially" here yet, but if you're like us, you're already gearing up for a road trip! It can be an easy and affordable way to get to your destination, AND a way to spend quality time with your boo. However, with any road trip, there are bound to be bumps and frustrations along the way. Here are 5 tips to help you get to your destination and still have a good time!

1. Play on each other's strengths-

Maybe he isn't that great at reading maps. Or interpreting directions from Google Nav. That's ok! Road trips are supposed to be an escape! Contribute where it comes easier for you.

2. Be willing to compromise

Ricky is comfortable driving. He would've driven the whole way if I'd let him! Unfortunately, he can also be a little uncomfortable while I'm behind the wheel (I'm a safe driver! Honest!). So, instead of insisting that I get behind the wheel,

3. Bring your smartphone.... and a paper map.
The mountains of Virginia are beautiful and majestic... however your cell phone coverage may not survive the terrain. I have Verizon 4g LTE, and I still lost my signal for about 30 minutes.  Bringing a paper map may be a little old school, but when scaling to new heights, it could be a life saver if you happen to take the wrong exit.

4. Make sure you have cash on hand

August 6, 2013


So for the longest I have always wanted to go white water rafting, well this summer I decided to check that off my bucket list. I packed up for the White Water Center and did headed out with one of my friends who is always down for the cause.  For you outdoor, adventure lovers this place and packed with a fun filled day.

With over 20 different activities, I only was able to do 5 because I was truly exhausted. Talk about a workout this center is just the place for you. Want a family retreat you got it, this center is open to all ages. 

Established 6 years ago, the White Water Center is the home of Water Sport, Olympic training. Yeah,  who would have thought North Carolina had so much to do, especially in the town of Mt. Holly. 

August 2, 2013

Charleston, SC

We recently went to Charleston, SC for a girls' weekend to the beach! If you're from Charlotte, you're accustomed to making this short trip down to the coast.. but you may not  know about these intimate spots around town. Keep reading for more details!

Feeling French? Try Gaulet and Maliclet!
This trendy little cafe can be easy to miss, however you must stop by. It's quite affordable!  Located in the King St area, it's in the perfect location if you want to grab a quick bite after shopping all day. The soup du jour was curry potatoe (so good!!!). They also offer lunch plates, appetizers, and desserts! 

Looking for southern hospitality? Go to Magnolia's!
Star booked the reservation a week in advance, however, we were only able to get a 9:30 table. This place is quite popular! Located in uptown Charleston, this restaurant has a charming and sophisticated feel. They have a diverse menu, and a caring staff. Make your reservation and taste their savory salmon!

Charleston is full of history and jazz. After dinner, we headed out for a night on the town to a place called Charleston Grill, to hear some good 'ol soul and jazz funk...only to find out that we had just missed the beat. This spot is hidden away, so this is definitely a place we'd like to visit next time....and there will definitely be a next time soon !! 

Need a quiet beach for relaxation? Isle of Palms is best for you!
Charleston is on the coast, so it has sunny beaches for miles.... however, not all beaches are the same! Try Isle of Palms. We really enjoyed the sun and the waves, not to mention, the pets!! This was perfect because Star brought her "baby"...  her dog "King".

Over all, Charleston is a wonderful, must see, southern vacation. You have rich history of the slave trade, Civil Wars, any Presidents, churches and cuisine. So go on! What are you waiting for?? Book your vacation now!! 

July 31, 2013

Queen's Feast Fit for Queens

 Friday nights in the city are usually "date night" for the ladies. Last Friday we decided to take part in the seasonal tasting of Charlotte's best, "Queen's Feast".

The reunion of old and new was located at the Palm Restaurant.

As you can see we had a variety of tasty entrees to choose from, all for - guess what?? - $30!! 
Look out for the next deal to come soon to Charlotte !!!  bon appetit

July 25, 2013

Africa Umoja

We went to the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center on a Tuesday to see Africa Umoja, a show about the history of South Africa. The story begins in the tribal lands with an old man telling the story of his childhood, and his love for his homeland. Women and men joined in lively dances, and sang tribal songs. The show only got better from there!

We were taken from the tribal lands to the city of Sophiatown where jobs were abundant, and the singing and new dances continued... but they were accompanied with newfound oppression and hardships. Our narrator took us through the many emotions of the people... from the women of the village singing their songs of loneliness, to the men doing the "Gumboot" dance to get through the long days working in the mine. 

Africa Umoja expressed the heartache of apartheid, however, it also expressed hope for the future, and the longing for change. This lively musical is sure to be one that you and your family will enjoy! This group is in town until July 28 at the Belk Theater. Don't miss this uplifting experience! Get your tickets here! Tickets start at $15.

-Sugar and Spice

July 19, 2013

Weekend Ideas and Outfit of the Week!

We hope this week has been good to you! Here are some entertainment ideas for this weekend in Charlotte, NC! Also, check out Tiffany's summer evening style! -Sugar & Spice

On Tiffany- Dress: New York & Co (found at Plato's Closet), earrings & necklace: Forever21, Bracelet: NY&Co., Clutch: Urban Expressions, Shoes:Kelly & Katie

1. The Queen's Feast is kicking off TODAY! Here's a list of participating restaurants!

2.Creative Loafing Art and Music Festival- come support your local talent in the art and music communities!

3. The Jazz Room looks like an interesting outing!

As always, stay tuned for more summer fashion next week!